Weekend Vacation - "I Do!"

The Girls

The Cake!

Blair & Brandon

Beautiful Bride

On the Dance Floor

Getting Down

Jackie, Moomey, Bonnie and Jessica

Janae, Jackie, Me

Flower attack!

Weddings, weddings, weddings! This weekend, I went back to Malibu to watch one of my good friends marry her Prince Charming. The ceremony took place at Pepperdine's stained-glass chapel and was incredibly beautiful and simple. Everything included in the program was full of intention and so...Emily (I'm sure it was very Ky too, but I don't know him too well!) 

The bride and groom wrote their own vows -- I liked how they articulated their love and devotion to each other in such a personal way. After the knot was tied, everyone headed up Kanan to Saddlerock Winery and Vineyard for an amazing reception. We all danced the night away and celebrated until Emily and Ky drove away in their cute white mini cooper. 

Warm fuzzies. Congrats to the new Ky & Emily Fehlbaum!

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Beach City Girl said...

Warm Fuzzies, indeed. Let's not wait for the next friend to get married before we hang out again! (great pics, by the way).