Heidelberg...home sweet home!

Wahoo! I made it! Red Duffel bag? Check! Green luggage? Check! Backpacking backpack? Check! Guitar? ....nope...not yet. The trip to Heidelberg was long and far from seamless but I loved every minute of it. I spent the 11ish hour flight next to a fellow heidelberger that i actually didn't know too well. It's a good thing he was entertaining because they weren't showing any movies on the flight (can you believe air france?!) there was a little bit of drama concerning bringing the guitar on the airplane...lets just say it ended up: air france 2 points, me none. i'm really nervous about getting my guitar back in one piece. but as of now, it's lost - so getting my guitar in any kind of shape or form would be nice. i'm not the only one whos missing something though. maybe it'll magically show up tomorrow? while it's very possible that i will break down and cry if i don't get my guitar back...i'm grateful that i have my toothbrush and underwear, a blessing some kids don't have. supposedly we broke the records for most pieces of luggage lost. nonetheless, i made it. after a very long, sleep deprived day, i finally arrived at Moore Haus. This place is incredible and i don't think i can completely describe it. similarily, any of the pictures i take don't do the town much justice compared to what it's really like. my first impression: lots of trees! in some sense it's really similar to Washington. the air is crisp and there's a lot of green going on all over the town. Heidelberg, and all of Germany, is really into recycling too...a relief! i spent the entire day walking. just walking. we had an orientation type thing that's going to continue throughout the end of the week and then german "boot camp" next week (i'm actually excited for that because we're going to learn all the practical things...like how to take the train and catch the right bus...and all the common german phrases that we'll want to use). i already am kind of getting in the swing of things. i was very proud of myself when i ordered my lunch at a cute sandwich place using german (kind of nerve racking!) but the people were so nice about it and i think i did it right! obviously she could tell that i'm a learner so she gave me my change and responded in german. holler. as of today i can pretty much get my way around most of the 'alt stadt" (old town)...i can get myselft to the heidelberg classes on the haup strasse (main street) and then get myself to the post office, metro system, train station, and then back to the house. i also have already scouted out all the coffee houses in the town...as well as a couple tea rooms! you know where i'll be studying :) one thing that i didn't expect: the walk back up to the moore haus is STEEP and crazy long! i'm going to be in the best shape of my life when i leave. i'm going to leave a couple photos of our room and the house...i promise more is coming. tschuss for now! (oh, and the photo with me and sabrina in the secret graffitied closet? well, that's in our room - supposedly it's tradition to write something on that wall before you leave...so we have this huge closet of history right in our room! it's amazing, really. also, the town of heidelberg is pretty fairytale like, as you would imagine...but it does sport some awesome grafiti art. i snapped a picture of one of the coolest ones. even though i feel like such a tourist!)

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amazing - looking forward ot following your journey!