Salzburg and Bertchesgaden

Two days after getting back from Nice, I was on my way to the train station again on my way to Austria. I think Austria is one of my favourite places that I've been so far (they just seem to be getting better and better!). While Cinque Terre and Monaco/Nice have the beachy town vibes (and the Mediterranean, whoo!) Austria and Bavaria had the beautiful mountains and lakes to offer. We hopped on the train with no hostel planned - we were ready to rough it when we got there. Little did we know that there was going to be a strike on the bahn! We got into Munchen on time, only to sit on the connecting train for 2 hours, waiting for the strike to be over before we could even leave. It's a good thing i was with some really fun people. We ended up spending the hours making infomercials for Bare Minerals cosmetics and talking about our true aspirations for our lives. Kind of random and a little bit cheesy, but awesome nonetheless. When we finally made it to Salzburg, we booked this amazing hostel that ended up being this couples' home (Rosemarie's Haus), just outside of the main city of Salzburg. We each got a bed, two to a room - a beautiful view, breakfast, clean shower, clean linens (down comforter!), and only for 17 euro! WHOOT! That's what we get for not planning. Once, again...we win. i want to go back. I spent most of the day (saturday) on the Sound of Music tour. It was great - and i had the Northey's in mind the entire time! Sabrina, Folusho and I dragged along Stephen and Felicia - and obnoxiously sang the entire way. The tour took FOUR hours and it took us to a lot of really beautiful places around Salzburg and beyond! I don't think i would do it again, just because it took up so much of the day and i wish i could have spent more time in salzburg. it's such a great city with a lot to see. afterwards, we met up with jacob - got sushi and green tea ice cream (a highlight of my day, of course!), walked up to the huge fortress that overlooks the city...and then made our way over to the Hotel Stein cafe. By that time it was around 9 in the evening and we were in the mood for some warm drinks. The Hotel Stein Cafe is a cafe on the roof on the trendy Hotel Stein. Overlooking Salzburg, the river, the fortress, surrounded by friends and good conversation, and a warm drink in my hand...I was certainly happy! We spent a good couple hours up there and then made our way back for a good sleep in our amazing beds! Bertchesgaden was the only disappointment of my entire trip in Germany. It's a beautiful place, but we caught it in the rain and fog. Bertchesgaden, (Hitler's hideout) is a place people go for a view...and basically, we got up the mountain and could only see 10 feet ahead of us. We got up there...hopped off the bus...and I just started laughing. I guess you can't win them all. Sabrina accurately described the view as "a blank PAINT document" (see the photo below!) It's good to be back in Heidelberg. I'm excited for a chill weekend this weekend....I'm thinking Baden-Baden for the spas, and then I'm going to Berlin for a Snow Patrol concert. HOLLER!!! day trips. sounds GREAT. coming up next is our field trip to Vienna!! Can't wait!

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