London, London Bridge...

Trip #2: London. This city is definitely one of my favourite cities that I've been to so far. Maybe it was the combination of seeing friends, having a great place in South Kensington to stay, and then of course the amazingness that is London itself that made my weekend trip so great. Kristi and I headed out early on Friday morning to catch our Ryan Air Flight to London (only 15 euro total!). After a day of traveling, (getting out of the Stanstead airport is crazy!) we finally made it to the Pepperdine House in South Kensington. It's a beautiful old building that's part of the Prince's Gate row. There we met up with Sarah and Haley...got a quick tour of the house (lots of stairs!), and then grabbed some crepes for dinner at a great place down the street. Their house is in a prime location. It's right by the tube stop, a bus stop, Holy Trinity Brompton and there are many restaurants (not to mention Hyde park!) close by. Friday night, we caught an Aqualung show at a small, smoky venue called "The Spitz". It was an exclusive crowd...I couldn't get tickets until 2 nights beforehand because they were supposedly sold out. I understood why. There were probably maybe 150 people there? Anyway, it was in a really fun part of London that Haley and Sarah hadn't been to yet. Lots of pubs, music places, second hand shops, and coffee houses. That's what i loved about London. It's such a big city that you can never get bored! We spent the rest of the trip running around, seeing the sights...making Prince William fall in liebe with us at Buckingham palace, checking out the London Eye and the Big Ben, grabbing fish and chips at a pub, picking through old antique jewelry at Picadilly market, getting cookies at Ben's Cookies...pretty much the best of the best. It was such a laid back, girly weekend with some of my best girlfriends - i can't wait to go back! In fact, i know that it's really easy for me to get a work visa for one year in London...so maybe I'll find a job and live there for a year. It's such an interesting city and I just have a feeling like there would be a lot for ME there. Lots of ethnic restaurants, cozy tea/coffee houses, many concert/music venues, funky stores and hidden treasures. I would just love to spend more time there - aquiring a cool accent wouldn't be the end of the world either! I loved my little reprieve in an English speaking world for the weekend!!!

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