Sushi please?

My wonderful roommate got me a cooking lesson for Christmas! Was this a hint? We've discovered that I'm much too distracted to ever be a good chef. But now I have no excuses because hey, I can do sushi! Nothing to burn or mess up TOO badly... EatzLA offers semi-private cooking classes out of a cute little home in West Hollywood. We joined ten other people to learn how to make Surf n' Turf rolls, Unagi, Mango Tango rolls, cucumber salad, and our favorite - the spicy tuna! We were really enthusiastic about our new skilllls so we headed to Sawtelle and Olympic to pay a visit to a Japanese Market the next night (man, I miss having a Uwajimaya close by!)... With our pantry now stocked with rice vinegar, seseme oil, miso paste, masago (the little fish eggs), and Veganaise for the spicy tuna (vegan mayo...definitely Jackie's idea) we can make sushi whenever we get the craving (probably way too often for our college-sized budgets). Yum.

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Ada said...

Hi Naomi - we will go to BC Sushi when you're next here! Looking forward to seeing you in LA soon,