25 Days Til Graduation!

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The countdown has begun! 25 days until graduation and I'm trying to finish strong. Amidst Policy, Internships and working working working, here's a little snippet of what I've been up to lately. 1. The last Coffeehouse of the year was last Friday. We showcased Senior talent, had free espresso drinks and cake! This entire year, Coffeehouse has been a success and I can't wait to see where the programming will go next year. Ellen Anne and I finished off the night with some tunes...no pictures though because my camera died. Sad. 2. EA and I played a "gig" at Room 5 in Hollywood. It was packed with Pepperdine people and it was exciting to get up there and perform! With 25 days left...we're under pressure to get some of our songs recorded. 3. Jackie's new sassy bangs! She can pull off the straight-across bangs. Who knew? 4. We had a leak coming through our ceiling due to a rusty pipe...can you spot the hole?? We almost made it though the year without any apartment problems. It was a fiasco but we got it all fixed up and taken care of before any major damage happened. It's incredible how fast plumbers can knock a large hole in your ceiling, replace the pipe and then patch up the hole to make it look as if nothing had happened at all. If I were my mom, I would have just done it myself! NO THANKS!

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