To celebrate finishing my first week in the real world, I may have treated myself to a visit to Melrose. I may have bought a couple things. For some reason, today, everything seemed to fit...and I'm not complaining. One of the cool things about my new job is that I get to meet a bunch of talented people in the Entertainment Industry. Clients come through the office on a daily basis and what do I notice? Well, if the client is a woman, my eyes go straight for their shoes. I've never been "that" girl. Until this last year, I don't even think I had one pair of heels in my closet. But, this last week, I lasted two full days in heels! Momentous accomplishments like these need to be recorded, rewarded and encouraged. So I bought myself a new pair of red, patent leather heels. I wasn't going to do it, but then the sales lady reduced the price by $50. Big savings are my absolute nemesis... Wasteland also happened to be a gold mine today. I introduced two new floral pieces into my wardrobe. I've been looking for a dress similar to this: I managed to find an even cuter one. Mmm hmm it's true! Can't wait to debut my new pieces!

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you're turning into me. --your sis