Catching Up

Finally, Saturday. Since graduation, I've managed to find a job, move from Malibu to Brentwood, quit my first job, and find a new job within a matter of days. Don't ask how I pulled it off, I honestly have no clue. Needless to say, updating the blog has been set on the back burner. I have been meaning to post some pictures of the new place.
At first sight, I knew this apartment had a lot of potential. We loved the idea of the split level apartment and the beautiful hardwood floors. 2 bed and 1 1/2 bath works for our little family. Added Bonus: 3 parking spots. THREE! A designated, covered parking spot for all of us was the icing on the cake and a couple weeks after finding the new apartment, we found ourselves throwing all of our belongings into boxes and kissing Malibu goodbye. Hello Brentwood. Before moving in, we took it upon ourselves to do a little bit of home improvement - including a small paint job, adjusting shelves, installing wall hooks etc. Thanks to mom and dad, I'm not afraid of using a power tool and every project we complete brings us closer to finishing the long, but necessary, nesting process. I secretly love it.
A little white paint goes a long way, right?
Blair doing her thing.
Not going to lie, I love the power tools.
Jackie, the tool girl, Eaton
It's a work in progress, but cheers to the start of life at a great new home. I'm thinking we could call this one "The Avacado". What do you think? Our living room. Next step: getting artwork on the walls! Notice Blair's spider plant in the corner? My favorite. I love how she's totally working her green thumb. Pictures of her mini succulent/herb/tomato garden soon... Since this picture was taken, we've hung Jackie's "Big Red" guitar and my ukulele on the wall. It's our mini music corner. Makes us look cooler than we really are, but I'm okay with it.

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