Officially Californian On Paper

I braved the DMV today. Two hours of shuffling from one station to the next does not make for the most pleasant experience. First you have to get your vehicle "verified", then you get a number, cross your fingers that you have all the right paperwork, wait for your number to be called, pray that you filled in the paper work correctly...and voila! New California plates. Don't forget the $266 + worth of fees. I suppose it could be worse. I'm glad they let me keep my Washington plates as a keepsake. Now with my new California Driver's license and my shiny new California license plates, there really isn't much Washington left for show. I don't like it. Not one bit. I know this sounds shallow, but the WA license plates were just prettier! Having that scenic license plate kind of connected me to other WA drivers...now I'm just a regular Californian sitting in traffic.

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cool-E said...

SAD!! no longer a washingtonian... it's the end of an era.