So Proud

I am pleased to announce my very first "Before and After" post. Fingers crossed that this won't be the last!
This weekend, Blair and I set aside all other plans to complete an overdue project. Little did we know it would consume our entire weekend! The chair you see above was the eye sore that I couldn't stand for three weeks. Backless, gutted and torn apart, this chair was our one major set-back in completing our living area. This Craigslist "treasure" was picked up from an almost toothless old man in Beverly Hills. It smelled of old people and we couldn't help but wonder how many farts it had endured. Nevertheless, we saw potential.
We knew we wanted to do it right. With the entire Anthropologie store as our inspiration, we were looking for a pattern that was bright but not too bright. We figured a muted orange would contrast well with our green walls...and of course, we were on a budget.
A couple trips to Mood Fabrics, JoAnne's and OSH did the trick and we finally had 3 yards of *the most perfect* fabric, a huge roll of batting, a staple gun, and tacks in hand. It was Saturday night and we were determined. After some research, we started putting it together. Looking back, was a fun challenge - now that we're done with school, it's nice to put our brains to work on something productive.
TA DA! After:
Mom, are you proud? The picture does it no justice. You really do just have to come over and see it for yourself. Best thing about this is that it no longer smells of old farts.
Would I do it again? Definitely. You want me to do one for you? It'll cost you! Just like with sushi, I now understand why people charge so much for this kind of service. It may seem simple, but it's soooo involved. Can't wait to start our next project: lanterns.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog

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Blair said...

Ahhh the before and after is soooo amazing! I still can't get over how good we are at reupholstering. Life calling in disguise? ;)