Announcement: Sprinkles goes Mobile

It's enough that I have a weak spot for Sprinkles Cupcakes...but a Sprinkles TRUCK?! Amongst the many perks that we considered about living in Brentwood was our proximity to Pho, Petco, Whole Foods, Coffeeshops...but most importantly, the Beverly Hill's Sprinkles location. I know their cupcakes are overpriced but that Lemon Ginger flavor just hits the spot every time! Something about the icing is totally worth the $3.25. Now with the introduction of the Sprinkles Truck, I may be even closer than I thought. Let's just hope that it doesn't park outside my apartment or else you'll be seeing me featured as the new 200 pound twenty-something dancing on the next season of "Dance My Ass Off" (officially my new favorite summer TV show.)
Is your mouth watering yet 'cuz mine definitely is! Find out more here.
Additional Sprinkles Tip: follow Sprinkles on Twitter and get hints on how to get your hands on free cupcakes!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi - love reading your blog!great to read Blair's and Nat's blogs too. Good to catch up on what you're all doing. Watching lots of DVDs and reading these days, just saw Australia, Twilight and took Austin to UP. Did you catch any of the Michael Jackson memorial or did you stay way out of the area?