Best Labor Day Weekend.

What a fabulous weekend in Lake Tahoe. Nothing beats 4 days of fun on the road, sleeping in a tent, not showering, cooking over an open fire, day hikes and THIS VIEW!
Roommates at Emerald Bay
How quickly we forget how good crisp air smells.
Our short get-away was enough to show me how deeply I had already gotten into my "routine". No complaints here...my routine isn't all that bad. But still, can you believe it's September already?! Thank goodness I surround myself with fellow "do-ers". You know, people who plan trips to Tahoe for their friends (even though it would mean sitting like this in the back of a Suburban for 7 hours):
I can only say - we're not getting any younger! So let's do this again, shall we?!


Blair said...

Yes we must and shall do it again, fellow do-er. Some fall trips are certainly in order...also, I need some of these wonderful pictures!

Leslie said...

nomes the pictures are awesome i am so jealous!!! looks like labor day weekend was awesome i hate to say it but your fun makes me want to come home... just a little bit :( hope all is well!!