Finishing Touches

This weekend was all about thrifting.
We (Blair and me, obviously not Jackie) dragged ourselves out of bed early Sunday morning to drive out to the Pasadena Rosebowl Flea market. It only happens once every month so the early drive out to Pasadena was a treat! Amongst MANY wonderful things that we walked away with that afternoon, we picked up some artsy frames to mount on our walls. We now have a reoccurring theme of lanterns and empty frames sprinkled around our quaint apartment.
Moby and Neko scored big time this weekend as well. While waiting to get my oil changed and Blair's car battery replaced, we discovered a thrift store on Santa Monica and Barrington. I always manage to find the best stuff when I'm not particularly looking for it. This time, we ran across about 3 or 4 yards of thick, vintage embroidered fabric that just happened to fit in with our apartment's color scheme. $10 for it all? I couldn't pass it up. The felines in the family ended up with a little present...
...and Blair's gonna get that big floor cushion she's been wanting!

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Ern said...

so Jealous!!! I need to do some good thrifting... I'm on the hunt for good fabric so we can put curtains in our house finally. Your house looks adorable :)