Make me Swimmy

There are a couple things in this world that can make me feel all swimmy inside...  among these things is flourless chocolate cake, Anthropologie in-store displays, this combination of storefronts: i-didn't-make-this-up, and live music when it's done right.

Have you seen Brandi Carlile?  We saw her in a small intimate little room at the Largo tonight and swimmy is the only word I can think of to describe the evening.  Her stage was very "Edgar Allan Poe" with black crows and leafless trees.  The entire set was completely acoustic - a mix of guitars, a vintage upright piano, a cello (and sometimes two) and one of the most unique voices I've heard come out of a tiny lady.  Since working at Cordoba, I have definitely been biased towards the sound of nylon strings, but she may have led me back to steel.

Maybe it's the "Pepperdine" instilled in me, but I'm obsessed with the sound of voices.  Pure voices.  Brandi and her band sang a song from her newest album, "Give up the Ghost" unplugged.  They reached the bridge and just sang the way they were made to sing - the addition of instruments was almost too much.

Brandi ended her set with a rendition of Mad World and lets just say she gave Gary Jules a run for his money.  Ahhh swimmmy swimmmy swimmmy...

Grizzly Bear tomorrow.  I c a n t wait!


Elliott said...

you are going to every concert that i wish i had enough money to go to! how was grizzly bear?

Naomi said...

Hey Elliott! Oh man, I'm a renewed fan of Grizzly Bear now. I saw them a couple years ago (opening for Feist) and I wasn't diggin' it but I gave them another chance after their latest album and they have definitely pulled it together. It was a good, good show. Do you like Beach House?