Ode to Lello

Yellow yellow yellow.  I've had my eye on this beautiful golden-mustardy yellow all summer, looking for the right pieces to add to my closet.  While shopping around the fabric store, I spotted a silky thin fabric in the shade that I've been eyeing.  If I can't find what I'm looking for in stores, why not make something myself?  Easier said than done.  Here's a shot of attempt #1:

I had a high-waisted, loose skirt with a pleated fold in mind (like this one) and came pretty darn close for a first attempt.  I made it way too short, the zipper is all wrong and the shape is a little too puffy for my taste.  I didn't even bother hemming it.  Trial and error...I'm going to give it another shot this weekend.

With my yellow pursuit on hold a little longer, I might have made a little purchase last night.  Making a skirt is one thing, but a cardigan?  Maybe in a couple months...years?  Baby steps.  I'm iffy about Victoria Secret clothing...anyone have any reviews on the quality/fit?  I'm excited for this one to arrive next week!

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