Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke @ the Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles
I was fortunate to be able to catch one of Thom Yorke's last-minute LA shows on Monday. The show sold out within a couple hours and for a good reason, too! The Radiohead frontman teamed up with Flea, bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers, to put on quite the show. If you haven't gotten your hands on his album, Eraser, DO IT. Here's where I get snobby: the album is pretty amazing but you can't put a price on seeing it live. Thom was a charming performer with a handful of, lets say, creative dance moves. The band (untitled) had the entire theatre groovin'. Or at least bobbing.
Take a listen to Black Swan, one of my favorite songs on Eraser.
I still have yet to see Radiohead (What the heck, right?), but this definitely wet my appetite.
PS: We noticed that our seats were by the small backstage door. Paying close attention to who went in and out, guess who we spotted? Mr. Justin Timberlake...in the flesh! In the sea of trendy and hardcore Radiohead fans, I confess, we were probably the only ones squirming in our seats. Guilty! Talk about cherry on top.

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