Vintage Baby Announcement

One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is to go through old family photos.  My Popo's house in Vancouver's Chinatown is like a four-story museum filled with old portraits and trinkets.  Jade little buddahs, vintage picture frames, beautiful vases, creepy old dolls...

My favorite amongst all of the hidden treasures is the family pictures.  I love being able to travel through time to see my Dad in high-school with a *perm* and my aunts' retro style (some of those thick glasses frames are coming back - maybe I can find some to steal this Christmas).  My Popo was a stylish lady.  I want to scan some of the photos of her in high-waisted slacks - I wish I could pull those off!

Recently, my mom was sent this little piece from the past - my dad's baby announcement.  It's incredible how much my little brother looked like him when he was a baby.  Who am I kidding - I kind of looked like him when I was a baby.  My Auntie Gerlene found it amongst her mother-in-law's stuff...so cool.

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