The Warmer Weather Blues

It's so typical that once I finally get myself to a warmer climate, I crave the cold weather once again.  Colorful tights, knitted vests, berets, coats, boots...it's all SO GOOD this season and yet I would feel silly wearing a beret on a 75 degree Santa Monica afternoon.

{from In Style (left) and some great online vintage shop that I can't find again...don't you hate it when that happens?  She didn't have this jacket anymore - maybe that's why.}

{From Lark (left) and Little Houses}

Regardless, the second it got cold enough to wear something with sleeves to bed, I busted out the knitting needles and yarn.  I already have an extensive collection of scarves, hats and gloves from the cold seasons of the past, but I always end up making more.  Something about the fall makes me crave knitting and crocheting. This season I'm especially interested in the cowl scarves.  My roommate a couple years ago was "that girl" who was always able to wrap her pashminas perfectly so that it looked a little messy and clumpy.  The cowl scarves that I've seen (ie: the Lark one pictured) kind of parallels that idea...it does the trick, doesn't it?  I'm onto my second one and I'm still down for making more.  Do any of my PNW friends have any requests?  I'd love to send some knitted lovin' your way!  As an official California resident, there's not much use for any of it.

Update: Here's a quick shot of Moby showing off my first attempt.  Wore it today in the office...it passed the snuggle test.

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