Wild Things

When the trailer for Where the Wild Things are came out in the beginning of this year, I got so excited for October 2009 to roll around.  Arcade Fire's "Wake Up", Max's wolf outfit, the wild rompus...all factors that had me in a tizzy* for this story to finally come alive on the big screen.

Finally, October.  We went the Friday after opening night.  I liked it.  I even shelled over the big bucks to get a big bag of popcorn and a blue slushy drink to commemorate the experience.  The dialogue was cute, simple and the entire movie set was absolutely fantastical (that nest/fort?!)  As the previews suggested, Spike Jonze created a beautiful world where you could lose yourself for an hour or two.  Furthermore, he gave each of the Wild Things recognizable personalities, even names - if I were to go through my friends, I could definitely tell you which one was Ira, which was Alexander etc.  I liked it.

But, I can't lie that I was a little disappointed when it ended.  Maybe the people who put together the trailer were just too good at their job and my expectations were really high.  I was perusing through Paste's website and found this article --- Paste editor, Josh Jackson hit everything I was thinking right on the nose.  Read it here:  "It could have used some Arcade Fire"

*note - new phrase I'm trying to incorporate in everyday use.  In addition to "shut the f--ront door".


Elliott said...

i'm thinking i want to see it but might wait until it comes to the $3 theater. is it a 'go see now' or a 'wait' movie?

Naomi said...

oh definitely catch it in the theatre - the cinematography is worth seeing BIG (especially if you only have a tiny little tv like us!) The $3 theatre sounds prime...wish we had one of those around here.