Zee Ruffles

It's no surprise or secret that I love ruffles.  I used to think they were over the top and too much of a "statement" but now I see them as a fun detail, when done right of course.

Exhibit A:

From Urban Outfitters - on sale(!) for $19.99

Exhibit B:

From J.Crew - unfortunately NOT on sale $89.50
*notice that cute yellow skinny belt? 

Exhibit C:

Anthopologie - for a low price of $98!  I'm looking in all the wrong places.
A girl can dream, right?

Exhibit D:

From Nordstrom, Free People - $128, faux lambswool
*how creepy is this model? Plus, I realize there aren't any ruffles on this sweater...I digress.

I better stop myself before I find a deal and start online shopping.  Luckily at these prices, it's easy to just admire from afar.


Blair said...

Now you didn't post this at work did you? ; )

Naomi said...

course not!!