Question of the Evening:

Could I pull these off?  Those yellow ones makes me think of Sesame Street...would I look like a Muppet?

I like them oh so much...and there's a Free People within walking distance of home.

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Elliott said...

I personally think that leggings/tights are OVER-RATED!

I guess they're fine as long as one does not, under any circumstances, wear leggings or tights without shorts or a skirt or something. A t-shirt does not count.

Haha! That's my hard-line response. I don't know if you are the tights-as-pants type anyway.

I think the first photo is OK but it's still kind of odd-looking. Big Bird status. I think that Blacks, dark browns, and maybe greys can work but other color leggings screams "i'm so cool, check out my quirky style!"

Whatever! That's a good price I guess, especially if you're up in the northwest or some cold place and need leggings just to deal. In CA it might not be as urgent.