What type are you?

When was the last time you took a personality quiz? My girlfriends and I would spend hours surfing the internets in middle school, dying to find out which one of us was the biggest flirt and what kind of jobs we were destined to have. Since then, personality quizzes have taken over Facebook. How many invites have I gotten to find out which Grey's Anatomy character I am?! (obviously Christina!)

Here's a personality quiz that I think is worth taking: Pentagram - What type are you?  Not only is this website beautiful and well-done, but the video host is British.

I'm "Universal" - Modern, progressive, relaxed and understated.

Which font are you?
ps: password is character


Nats said...

That would be you.

Blair said...

I don't like my font...

Naomi said...

Which one did you get?!