First Tan-lines / Blog Makeover

Ahhhh paid days off. Today has been amazing so far. I stayed up late last night re-designing a new template for this here blog and ended up making some major changes. I was getting a little bored with my old layout...what do you think of the new treatment? I plan on playing with the header a little more, but I'm happy with the new color palette. Maybe I'll re-arrange some of the elements. The nerd in me likes learning new html/css codes.

I woke up late and threw on a swim suit. Grabbed my sketch book, an iced coffee, Have'a chips, some bright pink nail polish and a towel and headed straight to my "private" pool. Bliss! I plan on spending the rest of my day hitting up the craft store to grab some supplies, dropping off my recycling, going for a run, and sewing a new PJ Romper with that grey striped cotton that I bought a couple weekends ago (inspiration for the new background maybe? That wasn't intentional).

I'm not the only one that likes basking in the sun...

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Elliott said...

meh i didn't get the day off yesterday! but even if i did, it's 50 degrees here and wet. so i wouldn't have gone tanning anyway :( kindaaaa missing malibu / santa monica a little bit right now! :)

i really want to update my blog design too... i had a really good one for a while but then got sick of it and now i have this really basic thing. maybe this weekend?