Feeling Nostalgic

From Almost Famous, Pete Droge "Small Town Blues"

Every once in a while, I think about my sophomore year of college in Heidelberg, Germany. I backpacked around Europe on the weekends and lived in this huge mansion on a hill, overlooking the beautiful Neckar River. Clearly there's a lot to miss about that kind of lifestyle, but the funny thing is, what I miss the most is how saturated my life was with music. Every train ride, every walk to class, studying at the local cafe...I always had my iPod on me. Even just hanging out in the house, we would learn songs and sing loud. Perk to going to a Church of Christ school: (almost) everyone can sing beautiful harmonies. This clip from Almost Famous (above) reminded me of that house.

At the end of the year, we made a collaboration CD commemorating all the "good times" and a fellow Heidelberger just recently dug it up and mentioned it to me. Oh the memories! Funny how songs can bring you back to a distinct place in time.

In the spirit of friends making music together, enjoy this little clip of The Morning Benders and friends singing "Excuses":

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