All Grown Up

To conclude a pretty productive weekend, the roomies and I got ourselves a fancy schmancy Gold Star Membership. My parents have and will always be big Costco fans, so I'm very familiar with the "Warehouse" - but, my eyes were re-opened when browsing the aisles on my own terms. All the sudden, we were faced with many opportunities and deals - a flat-screen tv for $550?! My own personal tanning bed?! How loyal am I to the Milton's bread? Most importantly, do I get a slice of pizza or go for the fan-favorite Polish dog?

We ended up stocking up our apartment with supplies we hate getting at CVS (since it's such a rip off!) - paper towels and laundry detergent etc. and lots of non-perishable goodies for Coachella (4 days!)

Here's the start of a beautiful relationship.

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