Bit of an Update

Hello Blogosphere, it has certainly been a while. No excuses really, just life.

My family often gets on my case for not updating as much as my siblings. As I pick and choose what's blog-worthy, there are a few things that come to mind.

Update #1: I recently got a new iPhone and number. Yep, I crossed over to the dark side. And it's amazing.  I was going through contacts on my old phone and I realized how many people I haven't kept in touch with. Cue battling thought bubbles: "Do I really need to tell these "friends" my new phone number if I haven't heard from them in over a year?" / "Oh, but I really should just offer up the information, just in case..." / "Those mass-facebook events are so annoying. I can't do one of those". Hence, it's taken me a week to share my new number. I define strange.

Update #2: A friend pointed out that I'm not a spontaneous person. The comment wasn't meant to be judgmental, but it sure was an eye opener. True, I've never been known as a risk-taker, but when did I become so boring? What happened to the concert-hopping, guitar playing, north-pole bound adventure seeker? We're all pressured to "succeed" and "save up our money" and be responsible - but for what? I'm seriously craving a cross-cultural adventure. I just spoke with someone who just bought a ticket to New Zealand for 2 1/2 weeks - he leaves this weekend. Inspired. My new subscription to TravelZoo probably doesn't help either.

Update #3: I made it to the 7 mile mark on Saturday!  9 miles this weekend.

Update #4: Two amazing friends are flying out this weekend and I'm beyond excited. Three-day weekends, a little Miike Snow, sunshine, PLUS some Bonnie and Pierce is bound to qualify for best-weekend-ever status.

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