Good Morning

Blogosphere, it has certainly been a while.

Sunday morning - I naturally woke up to sun shining through the windows and birds chirping...at 8:10am . Uhh, this simply does not happen. Normally on the weekends, I redefine "sleeping in" and casually roll out of bed around 10:45...11:00...11:30? But, I decided to take advantage of today's odd occurrences and here I am, catching all 5 of you faithful readers up. Steaming hot cup of jo in hand (important side-note: I'm trying out the vanilla powder from Coffee Bean...life changing).

These past couple weeks, I've been having mini-panic attacks that I'm getting old and running out of time. Maybe it's the fact that the class of '10 just graduated yesterday morning - solidifying that it has been one year since I walked across that stage and shook Andy Benton's hand. Where did the year go?

I feel like I haven't been taking enough pictures. In the "digital age" that we live in, it's so easy to capture every moment. But at the same time, I don't want to be that girl (you know the one) who just takes pictures so that she can post them onto Facebook and pretend like she lives an incredibly interesting life. Annoooying.

So here's a new vow: I promise to take more pictures and only share the best of them so that you don't get bored (or annoyed) and I can archive the rest, immoratize my youth, and have a killer powerpoint slideshow at my 81st birthday.


Leslie said...

I'm a faithful reader! When the internet works! which as been a lot lately. I can't believe you think you are getting old... gezz you're younger than me! but you do have the grown up job... am I that girl? that girl who posts pictures on my facebook to make you think i have an amazing life in the peace corps? well.. i don't so don't believe my annoying pictures! haha. love and miss you, i've been writing you letters and not sending them... i fig it is better to send you 4 letters at once because it is cheaper, lol. xoxo

Leslie said...

...also, why your 81st bday? what is THAT about?