Spring Cleaning

This weekend, I was able to fill up three large bags of clothes that I'm ready to give away. Feels good to "detox" my wardrobe.

For months, I've been staring at my closet...bored. I have a rule: If it hasn't been worn in over 6 months, get rid of it. So, I finally went through it all, tried things on, got rid of the items that don't fit anymore, and I'm excited to drop them off at the closest Good Will/Buffalo Exchange. Some of the stuff is still pretty cute, but I get a lot of criticism for holding onto jeans that are too big, but super comfortable. Thank goodness for brutally honest roommates.

Next step -- fill those empty hangers!  Yeaaah right.

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Ern said...

I wish we were the same size, then I would definitely have you ship those bags of clothes up to Portland :)