I'm moving into my new office tomorrow! Construction at work is nearing an end...slowly.

It feels like I've been in my temporary spot for years. I've been sharing a conference room table with a "roomie", three computers, lots of wires, paper and a laserjet printer. Not to mention guitars, guitars and more guitars. The arrangement held its charm for a while, but now it's feeling just a wee bit crowded.

I'm lucky enough to have scored an office with a window and a large desk. Knack just posted this Owl Paper Holder on their Etsy page and I'm very tempted to make it mine. Hoo wouldn't want this cute little thing? Ok ok...

I already have tricks up my sleeve to make my own space a little more organized and, more importantly, personalized - I spend 40+ hours a week at the office after all, right? It's all about the little touches that doesn't make it seem like a dorm room, but distinguishes it as ME.

Par exemple, imagine these on a cork-board held with a vintage frame and canvas backing?

Twig Push pins on Design is Mine

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