Hooked On Lounge Wear

Voila! My first tee. I think I've found my thing: lounge wear. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with the amazingly soft striped jersey cotton that I scored in the fashion district downtown. This is the third item I've made with this fabric -- a romper, a t-shirt and a pair of PJ shorts. I have bits and pieces left over so I think I can squeeze in a mini bandeau, and if I get really creative and hone in on my quilting skills, maybe a tank. We shall see!

I'd love to get my hands on some linen, ikat, and obviously more jersey cotton. Time to go shopping! The next tee I make will have a smaller scoop (this one is so large, I'd either have to wear a tank top underneath or save it for a lazy Sunday afternoon where a bikini top is acceptable). I also would love to experiment with roll-up/button/latch combo sleeves. I'm not sure of the technical term (is there one?) but you know what I'm talking about, right?

Ahhh this one was so rewarding, I think I'm hooked on tees! Risking cute fabric on a no-pattern project is a little bit of a risk, but it definitey makes it the learning process exciting. Can't wait to make more and experiment. There are so many options when you consider neckline, collars, buttons, elastic, zippers, sleeves, thread color etc. Stay tuned!

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