New Traditions

I'm not sure how many times this has happened, but it seems as though every time Bonnie and I go near the Promenade together, we manage to find a deal on shoes. Steve Madden has the "Buy one get one _____% off" all the time, but on Bonnie's latest visit, we stumbled upon our memorial day trap at the Kitson outlet. Due to its makeshift decor, an unsuspecting passerby would think that Kitson was having a perpetual going out of business sale. Au contraire - only the lucky few (and now you) know that it is the Dolce Vita / Marc Jacobs / Michael Kors etc. clearance mecca.

Even though I was set on only buying a swimsuit that day, I caved for these instead. Introducing new DV sandals.

Primary reason for loving them? They remind me of Neapolitan ice cream. Bons picked up some DV's too and we shared the 70% off savings. Yep, you heard me. 7-0. Yip!

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