A Silly Post Dedicated to the CKC

Happiness Part Three:

Pierce was back in LA for a blink of an eye and I wish he (and Bons) would just move down here for good. Over some wine and a homemade dinner, we came up with a brilliant idea: Instead of finding a job before moving back to LA, Pierce, Jackie and I would just start a band and become world-renowned and famous. Our individual roles within the band and of course the breakdown of total earnings were easy to discuss -- but then, we came to a road block: the band name. With so many awful band names out there, we knew that this would be a critical to our success. We didn't want it to sound too obscure, too hip, too trendy. It has to have a story and reflect us a band, as an entity. It has to stand the test of time.

We came up with something good, and unfortunately, I can't reveal it at this moment to preserve our brilliance. You'll find out when you see our names flashing on the marquee of the Staples center.

These photos commemorate our first night out as the CKC -- get ready for us, world.

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