Dar 23

Inspired by Zigous' latest trip to Tangier, I've decided that I must go. And quick. I know this doesn't come around as new news for the few of you who faithfully read this blog, but I'm in desperate need of new culture. I crave that feeling of being a little uncomfortable because you're unfamiliar with a new way of life. I want to try new foods, smell new smells, discover a small corner of the world.

Leslie recently shared some pictures of her latest adventure through Morocco on her blog and I am in love with the colors and patterns. When I make it to Morocco, I'm only bringing empty bags so that I can take home as many treasures as I can. Dar 23 is a Moroccan home in Tangier and you can rent rooms for less than 70 euro a night or the entire house for less than $2000/week.

Who wants to go in on the entire house with me for a week? I need about 5 more people. Rates include Moroccan tea, breakfast, and free WIFI. And you'll be in Morocco. With me. Need I say more? 


Nats said...

oooh! pick me! pick me! you NEED a vacation.

Leslie said...

Hey naomi! just wait a year, I think I'm going back to morocco and then egypt, turkey and greece for my COS trip (close of service) and you should just come along! I hope all is well and i love and miss you dearly! xoxo!