New Headboard

Hallelujah, we're finally moving into a larger apartment!

New apartment means bigger bed for Naomi, which also means...new project.

I've been scrounging around for cool bedframe/headboard ideas. Bored with the IKEA options and depressed by the Crate and Barrel/Restoration Hardware prices, I'm resorting to making my own headboard. DesignSponge recently showcased an awesome $20 recycled door-turned-headboard and it got my wheels spinning. Some sandpaper, elbow grease, and paint...and voila! Easy enough.

This beautiful Thos Moser Vita Bed Frame also gets my heart beating faster and faster. Hmm...handy carpenter/furniture making friends, do you think I (rather, WE) can pull this off?

Everything Thos Moser is amazing. For those of you who also suffer from a furniture porn addiction, beware...and click here if you know what's good for you!

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