Ooooh look what I found!



We made it.

We're finally in the new apartment. Words cannot express how exhausted I feel. If there were ever a time to need Joe (my masseuse, haha yes, I have a masseuse) it would be now. I managed to roll my ankle, get a large cardboard cut on my right arm and bruise up my legs. But, when it finally came time to kick up and rest my feet on my new bed in my new room, it was all worth it.

The theme of the move: "How did I manage to accumulate all this crap?!" I'm not much of a sentimental hoarder. With the exception of a few notebooks from college and a box of saved photos, cards and letters, I'm pretty good about tossing. However, my tendencies to pick up random curbside furniture, crafty hobbies, and kitties don't help my cause. All the sudden I have car loads of...stuff.

In the process of going through the stuff I discovered some treasures. Normally my motto is "if you forgot you had this, toss it", but I ended up making some exceptions.

1. The harmonica my brother bought me but I never learned how to play *sorry neighbors, this new hobby could get annoying. I'm pretty terrible at this. Also determined.*

2. A ring that Erin gave me from one of her world travels *Erin, I love this and have been wearing it all week!*

3. Jackie's retired iPod with some great playlists from Freshman year of college. Amazing how certain songs can take you back to distinct memories.

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Erin said...

YAY! That ring came all the way from China - you're homeland :) I'm glad you rediscovered it!