Heat Wave

If you hadn't heard, Los Angeles reached a peak temperature today.103 degrees in Santa Monica...and that's with the supposed ocean breeze. I hid inside the air conditioned office all day, schlumpy and wanting to go back to the beach with an icy cool coconut water in hand.

This weekend was the weekend we had all been waiting for. Sunny, 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We rode bikes, slept in, got Chinese food, explored a flea market, celebrated Blair's birthday in Hermosa, had viewing party for the Dexter season premier...had so much fun I didn't take one photo.

The better the weekend is, the worse Mondays are. Thank goodness that's over.

Since I didn't take any photos this weekend, here's a lazy hazy one from one of my favorite blogs For Me, For You

I'm gonna go melt now. Stay hydrated LA!

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