Cozy Time

So sunny, yet so chilly! My little fingers are about to fall off. Oh what I would give for a heavy scarf and warm cup of tea.

Spent yesterday afternoon casually dropping in and out of the darling boutiques on Abbott Kinney. The shops were brimming with warm, soft knits. Perfect for a quiet Autumn morning...in Seattle. Since seasons in Los Angeles don't exist, the warm cashmere sweaters and silk-blended neck scarves were mixed in with crop tops and pinstripe shorts -- it was hard to make up my mind! Am I hot or cold right now?

I'm in "Fall" for the moment and since I seem to always DJ my afternoons with songs that match the weather, here are a few songs that seem to embody the word "cozy" quite well. 

Will check in with you later when the sun decides to peek out and I'm peeling off the layers and moving on to Katy Perry (just kidding!).

. . . . . . . . . . .

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