Happy Birthday, Leslie!!

Today is the day that my good friend, Leslie emerged from the womb (or did your mom have a C-section?) Well technically, if you're in Africa, yesterday was the day Leslie emerg- anyway...

Rainbow Cake

For those of you who are reading along and don't already know, Leslie is the friend I always brag about, as if knowing her makes me a better person. She graduated college and instead of working for "the man", decided to follow her dream and join the Peace Corps. She's now living in a small village in Burkina Faso, Africa. She said good bye to the lifestyle that includes the frills and luxuries I exploit every day (ah hem, the contents of this here blog!), she re-learned french, makes her own soap, teaches the village kids how to read and hosts events to promote healthy lifestyles and safe sex. She somehow whips up gourmet quiche on her sand/stove and continues to amaze me the longer I know her!

Les is a true adventure seeker and inspires me to grab life by the balls (Jackie's phrase) and go for it!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Les!!

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