Someone Likes Chevron Patterns

Oi. I've been meaning to post pictures of the new duvet cover that I did for J's rather large platform bed for weeks now. Due to the lack of camera, I'm forced to post yet another icky iPhone picture...Santa, will you please bring me a new digital SLR this year?? Oh please??

If you can bear to overlook the bad photo quality, didn't it turn out awesome? We were going for something unique, soft, and most importantly, something that would hide kitteh hair. It took an afternoon of scouring downtown's fashion district to find the right shades of grey (and you can't even see the cool indigo/purple border) plus a lot of brain power to figure out how to get those angles absolutely correct. A few long nights in the sweatshop and a new snuggle spot for Neko (the black dot in the picture above) was born.

I think he likes it!

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