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Headed to West Hollywood


My lovely little sister is letting me borrow her Canon PowerShot G10 for my South East Asia trip that's quickly approaching. She gave it to me a little early so I could play around with the settings and "learn" how to use it (uhh, point and shoot?). I told myself that I would be intentional about getting used to taking photos, but this weekend went by so quickly I almost forgot to grab the camera! It's harder than you think! We were running around doing errands, getting stuck in Hollywood traffic, getting hair cuts, exchanging Christmas presents, and I even fit in a little sewing project. 

The tee was an experiment that turned out quite well! You can't tell from the poor lighting, but the sleeves are embellished with soft brown leather scraps that I picked up a few weekends ago in the fashion district. It's meant to be a slouchy take on a baseball tee...still can't decide how I want to finish the hem. I'll slip it on and take a pic when I look a little less drab. Ehh. 

Back to haircuts - I managed to find an awesome stylist in Venice this weekend. She really took her time, considered the texture of my hair when cutting it, and flat out told me to grow out the bangs. For only $40, I'm definitely going back to her! She had the most amazing celeb hair and when I asked her about it, she admitted it was fake! I couldn't believe it! Gave me a little boost of confidence to know that I have a head of MY hair. It also opened my eyes to the fact that the girls with the hair we all want went and bought it instead of naturally waking up with the most beautiful hair. Is it dumb that that alone made me smile? Well it did :)

Hope you had a wonderful Weekend Vacation! Back to the grind...

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