The King Is Dead

Yesterday morning I get a phone call from Jackie telling me to tune into Morning Becomes Eclectic for the Decemberists episode to try to win tickets to that night's sold out show.

Well, I didn't win. But, it did get me to listen to their latest album, the King is Dead -- and I'm a little obsessed. I've been a Decemberists fan since high-school but wasn't really into their latest musical-esque album (with the exception of the Perfect Crime #2, yeeeeah Bons and Blair!). The King is Dead reminds me of their earlier stuff. More melodic and pretty. Yep, also more main stream...but a girl can't help what she likes. 

Thanks to our friends at Grooveshark, you can listen to the whole album for free. But when you've listened through it a good ten times in the last two days like me, I think it's a sign that you should just hand over the $8 and download it on Amazon. 

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