Weekend Vacation

Sewing Snacks ala Jackie. She's the best.

I refrained.

Best Saturday Morning Tradition

Mobes, the football player.

Ahh this weekend was an adventure in itself. Amidst prepping for our big trip, we were able to fit in a small Adele secret show. To our delight, we were seated by none other than Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Naya Rivera (Santana) from GLEE. I wouldn't go so far as to calling myself a GLEEK (ok, maybe. I grew up on musicals, I can't help it!), but I couldn't believe how close I was to so much talent. Adele, in all of her glory, met and exceeded all expectations. So much spunk. And whoa, those lungs. How she manages to belt out those ballads while seated is beyond me! ...and to have the cast of Glee rocking out next to me wasn't half bad either. To top it off, the night was free. Thanks Artist Den for the tickets!

The rest of the weekend consisted of puttering around the Promenade looking for last minute travel stuff, mini-Oscar viewing get together, and a half-done sewing project. Probably won't finish that one till I get back! Oh also, and I'm getting hungry just looking at that Caturday morning breakfast. Seriously, chef Jackie?! I'm the luckiest girl alive.

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