Apologies & A Glimpse at Hong Kong

Ahhhh fail. Once I submitted that first post from our hotel in Hong Kong, I knew that it would be difficult to keep updating along the way. Don't worry - we made it to the rest of our trip (*sidenote: did I ever mention that it was really difficult to get excited about this trip because in the back of my mind I was worried that it was all a huge travel scam? Our ticket prices were way too cheap. If you're looking for great package deals I highly recommend checking out Lonely Planet and/or going through a service called AirBrokers International based in San Fransisco)!

After a long blog hiatus, I'm starting to think that it might be even harder to sum up the entire trip at once than it would have been to blog along the way!  I tried to jot down in a journal so I wouldn't forget the details. Oh, there are so many details. Colors, scents, flavors, people watching, pet peeves, cultural cues, general observations...

What can I say to start? How about the fact that I absolutely love the other side of the world. Why did it take me so long to go? I thought that after three weeks, I might look forward to coming back home to my daily routine. Boy was I wrong. 

We took over 500 pictures in the three weeks that we were traveling so it took some time to sift through them. Lots of food photos. I cherished every single bite. Out of all the photos I decided to keep, it took even longer to decide which ones to share here. Since I already filled you in on Hong Kong, I'll let these photos do the talking. To see more of our photos from HK, click on any of the pictures to be taken to my Flickr account.













(took this one for you, Gooma!)

More on our Asian adventure coming soon...Bangkok next!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Naomi! Did you go in and use their resources? Try their internet? Did you have to speak Chinese? Great photos! Glad you had such a fabulous trip, Love, Gooma