Weekend Vacation - Birthday Edition

:: the set up crew ::


:: red velvet birthday cake ::

:: semi-photogenic panna cotta ::

:: the less cute plan B and people hiding behind trees, can you see them? ::

The 22nd was Jackie's big cross over to the mid-twenties. To celebrate the big occasion, we attempted to pull off a surprise gathering in the park. I'm going to preface this by saying that I am by no means a party or event planner. I barely go to enough of them as it is! But, I figured Jackie's big 2-5 was a grand enough occasion to pull my efforts together and make it special (yuck, I hate that word).

As you can see in photo #1, we were on the brink of pulling off an awesome little picnic complete with blankets, pillows and a golden canopy hung over a tree branch...staked into the ground with yarn and sticks. Perfect ambiance for a birthday surprise, right? Well, just as we were hanging up the sugar coated string lights, Mr. Buzz Kill Police man informed us that we weren't allowed to hang or attach anything to a city tree. Seriously!?  All the right ingredients for a sparkly, evening picnic in the park and we had to take it down. Offering some of our party sub didn't even make him budge! Plan B was just as fun...we laid out our party sub, mixed our sage and rosemary martinis & pimms cups, chilled the beers, stuck the sparkle lights in mason jars, tossed the summery salad and kissed the fabulous gold tent goodbye. A hectic change of plans, but I think we all had a great time nonetheless.

Jackie had a hunch that something was going on that night but was ecstatic about a work-related birthday surprise. Nothing could bring her down! I won't go into details, but it was the best gift of all :)

Thanks to everyone who came for the surprise, helped, and hung in there despite the dark and the cold! We'll do picnic party round 2 when it's a little warmer later on in the year. I regret not taking a big group photo (it was too dark by the time J arrived!) - we'll just have to reenact it another time.

:: Happy Birthday Jackie! ::

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