Seattle on the Mind

Posting a little something so that you know that I really didn't die. Absence of posts are due to a mix of a lot going on and laziness...I'll be back into the swing of things sooner than later.

Being back in Seattle for a split second inspired me to ride my bike again. With the exception of today, I have ridden my bike to work for the last two weeks (even in the rain - boom shakalaka!)  My Seattle weekend has also gotten me listening to KEXP again, hence this video from an in-studio session with Seattle-band, Lemolo. I've been doing some research on video styles for an on-going project at work, and I really dig this look/feel. If you see any other good music video-esque acoustic sessions on the internets, send them my way!

On another note, happy friday! My sister officially graduates this weekend and she's celebrating by jumping out of a plane with my dad on Sunday. This weekend is going to be fun!

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