Thoughts on Sitting

Sitting is Killing You

I've been thinking about this a lot these days. Go through your day-to-day activities starting from the moment you open your eyes. If you're like me, a regular M-F includes a heck of a lot of sitting. Ever since entering the working world, I've feared "Office Butt". I don't have much of a butt in the first place but what I do have, I don't want it to be flattened by the hours I spend sitting on it. 

Somewhere around the beginning of last week, J and I told ourselves that we were going to be different. We biked, swam, ran, and did the Santa Monica stairs after work. Once Sunday rolled around, I felt broken and frail (how did we do Ab Ripper X like it was no big deal at one point?!) BUT the week went by quicker, I slept noticeably deeper and I had much more energy and willingness to eat right throughout the week because of it. In the midst of this strange work-out craze, I caught myself thinking that a Thursday was a Saturday. And that's what makes it all worthwhile.

It makes me sad that the days are only getting shorter - the few hours after work are so sweet, aren't they?

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kate said...

Wow this is very depressing!

I need to make more of an effort too!