Color Correcting

My favorite program in Adobe's Creative Suite used to be Illustrator. Call me a nerd, but I like to work with vectors and "draw"! For the longest time, I've used Photoshop for the basics and I'm just now starting to explore some of the more hidden tools. There are a ton of really great Photoshop tutorials on Pinterest. I also follow photography blogs that often offer many great tips and tricks (who needs to pay for school?!) but as they say, practice makes perfect. Thank goodness I have a ton of photos to edit.

I'm still working on finding my "style", but here are a few before and afters from my trip to Asia. It's fun to go through these memories...apparently the fondest ones all involve food!

A memorable meal in Bangkok. This photo has me craving lemongrass and coconut. *Yay! I took the weird shadow off her cheekscolor-correct
One of my favorite things about Bangkok: Street food. Delicious sticky rice in a bag? Say no more. *I think I need to lower the contrast on this one.jackie_laksa_colorcorrect
Our Laksa adventure in Singapore was so worth the trip across town. Every time Jackie or Blair cooks with the Laksa sauce, I'm taken back to this little outdoor spot. *It was difficult to balance out the shadow across her face and have her eyes "pop"...

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