New Accessories.

Webb by Warby Parker // Heatwave by NARS

Eyewear company, Warby Parker, made their way out to Rachel Comey's Confederacy shop in Silver Lake for a little meet-and-greet event a few weeks ago and I used it as the perfect time to find my next pair of frames. Cute frames for $99? Sign me up! (Okay fine - $139 since my eyes are so bad that I had to opt for the special lenses designed for the blind. Such is life.)


Also this week, a Glamour editor claimed to have found the perfect lip color, Heatwave by NARS. Could it be true??? Let's just say I was skeptical. I have always been jealous of ladies who have been able to pull off lip color without looking like clowns -- the finger dab trick, and this combination of red and orange is actually great! An effortless pop of color to compliment my fading summer/LA tan.


Rainy afternoons are perfect for meaningless little posts. How are you spending your Sunday afternoon? Oh wait, my comment section mysteriously disappeared and I can't figure out how to get it back...I guess I won't ever find out.

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