I'm headed up to Seattle for a few precious vacation days and, horror of horrors, I think I might be getting sick. I can't blame the weather - it's been absolutely gorgeous in LA these past few days - maybe allergies? All I know is that I've had a pesky tingle in my throat and I've been sneezing a heck of a lot.

My Gooma always suggests hot water, lemon and honey and it always does the trick to fight off the sniffles. This recipe posted on Old Brand New reminded me of her remedy and sounds delicious.

I'm also a huge fan of Sinu-rinses (more commonly known as the NetiPot) and if I'm really really desperate, I've been known to take wellness shots. Ever heard of them? An ounce of ginger juice, drops of oregano oil, drops of fresh lemon juice and Echinacea. Whew, just shoot it down and you'll be feeling better in a jiffy (and you'll also be burping up ginger all day...too much?) Just be sure to make it in your mouth -- my roomie was so scared one time that she got it all over her face! The stuff can't be bad for your skin, I suppose.

Wash your hands & be germ-freeeee friends!

+ photo credit :: Old Brand New

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're getting better with your remedies!!No sickies needed here!! Look forward to seeing you on Thursday, Love, Gooma