Seattle Trip: Galentines

The four days that we spent in Seattle went by so quickly! This time our only agenda for the entire trip was to spend as much QT as possible with our friends. No touristy stuff - just good face time with the people we miss the most.

Somehow over the last two years, all of my good friends have migrated their way up north. With a lot of faces to see but not a lot of things to do, we ended up just hanging out. I know that sounds vague, but that's exactly what it was, how it has always been and how I hope it will always be. We just picked up where we left off --- and it was goofy, ridiculous, laid-back bliss!

I was so happy to get almost 3 straight days with these ladies, in particular. Bikram yoga, lime chips and peach salsa, skinny-cow ice cream sandwiches, a sweet Galentines Day dinner (pictured below), a field-trip to get Leslie a belated birthday gift, and an eye-opening stop at a bar named Pony -- it was certainly a trip to remember.

More photos to come!

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